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First Review by Kai

Ayu's second single "YOU" immediatly demands your attention with a punchy heavy guitar and striking piano opening before drifting into the haunting piano and bass for the first verse. Ayu begins to sing beautifully in an indifferent vocal manner that adds a distinctly emotional flavour to the song. Upon reaching the chorus you are treated to some faint keyboard/string chords deep in the background, the kind you would notice if they weren't there but don't necessarily notice normally?!?!? Vocally, the chorus has a definate sense of "hope" in the way Ayu sings it, with some warm backing vocals and the added power at the chorus this beautifully contrasts the "indifference" in the verse vocals. Arrangement wise, it is a pretty standard -verse-chorus-verse-chorus kinda song but the blend of the unique "indifference" style verses and energetic "hope" chorus' really make a song you can believe she wrote the lyrics from a familiar perspective.

As her second single I have to go with a well deserved 9.9/10. It would have been a 10, but that would be kinda saying it was my favorite track Ayu has done and I really wouldn't want to have to pick one particular favorite as her material is always so good!!

Rating: 9.9/10

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