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F r e e & E a s y

First Review by Hiro

Track one starts off with a slightly eerie yet mellow tune which progresses slowly into a piano melody, which by then starts to sound like a conventional Ayumi song. The instruments chosen for the song are quite diverse, probably more so than any other Ayumi song. They've got electronic instruments incorporated with orchestral ones. It's quite amazing how they pulled it off. Ayumi's soft yet emotional vocals are as great as always and just right for this song. After listening to the song you start to realize how very much it sounds like "M", minus the rock influence. There's that soft verse followed immediately by a loud, hard-hitting verse. Also, parts of the song directly co-relate to parts of "M". Yes, there's a lack of orignality in this song but it makes up big time in its composition and vocal performance.

Another thing you'll notice in the song is the lack of tracks. Ayumi's usually features ten but this only has four. Fortunately, the next single is announced to have the regular ten tracks. The next three tracks are remixes of "still alone", "Naturally", and an instrumental version of "Free and Easy". Lets take a look.

The first remix entitled, Naturally "dolly remix". The original song was one of my favourites. It had a lot of emotion and intensity to it. The remix has a sweet, poppy theme to it perfectly complemented by the urgency in her vocals. It tottaly transforms the song making it more upbeat but still enjoyable and very danceable to.

The next remix is called "still alone (warp brothers remix)". This remix is quite good. For those of you who have "ayu-mi-x 4", this track might be familiar since it was featured in the album. The one in this single is a shorter edited version.

The last track on this single, the instrumental track, is often ignored as the case with most singles. As I mentioned earlier, the composition and instrumentals are excellent. Listening to this track will make you appreciate it's complex sound much better.

Overall, the Free and Easy single is good buy. The tracks are all great but I still do miss her ten-track singles.

Rating: 8.5

Second Review by -OtakuAngel-

Just another Ayu ...

The introduction of Free and Easy isn't necessarily a bad one, but it's nothing ground breaking. Featuring Free and Easy, and only remixes, this single offers the wonders of Ayu's voice alone. I would only encourage those die-hard fans of Ayu to invest in this single, because those who aren't may find themselves disappointed.

Great voice, poor musical composition I'm afraid. But the best judge for one's taste is always the self ...

Rating: 7.5/10

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