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A B e s t

First Review by Hiro

"A BEST" is Ayumi's best hits compilation album. It contains 16 songs from all of her first three albums. The first three songs are re-recordings of her old songs, "A song for XX", "Depend on you", and "Trust". This was a good decision because Ayumi's vocal has matured since then and people have always complained about the vocal problems in the first album. My only problems with the recordings is that they opted not to use new instruments. Anyways, let's take a look at the CD.

The remake of "A Song for XX" is my favourite of the three songs. This one sounds much better. Compared to the original, her singing ability has improved greatly. You can expect the same job for "Trust" and "Depend on you". The squeekiness of her voice is gone and it has a more cleaner sound to it.

The rest of the CD features classic Ayumi hits such as "fly high", "vogue", "SEASONS", and "M". Most people will be slightly disspointed that a track or two of their favourite songs have not been included. Overall it should please everyone. I highly reccomend this to all new fans of J-pop and Ayumi. Older fans might want to save your money because little new material is featured on the CD.

Rating: 10/10

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