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U N I T E !

First Review by Hiro

"UNITE!" Is a nice fast paced song which follows along the lines of "evolution" and as you'll discover from hearing it, it follows a lil too much . It sounds some what like evolution with its soft intro and the electric guitar solo in the middle. If you can put aside its flaws this is a very enjoyable song with a very catchy melody. Still worth a listen but you might get tired of it easily. If you do get tired of it, you can alaways turn to the remixes which are pretty good.

Most of the remixes on the single are your regular dancey stuff thats on all of her CDs. There's one particular remix that stands out and that's the "Huge UR-Chin mix" found on track two. It's a very solid remix, some might even say that it's better than the original itself! Another remix on the album that was quite good was the remix of "key" called "nicely nice waterfowl remix". If you're a big fan of the "vogue kirari ayu natsu mix" found on the "Endless Sorrow" CD, this track will be one of your favourites. It's a very calm, dreamy remix. In fact it so calm that it can induce sleep!

Overall, the "UNITE!" single isn't so bad. It's an average single with some good tracks.

Rating: 7.7/10

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