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E n d l e s s S o r r o w

First Review by Hiro

"Endless Sorrow" showcases one of Ayumi's best vocal performances, she hits some very high notes on this song without getting too squeeky. I really love the nice contrasting melodies of this song. It's a mixture of soft and melancholy delivered nicely by Ayumi.

Most of the remixes on this single are quite good. Especially the two remixes of old songs. The first one is the "vogue 'kirari natsu ayu mix'" found on track number two. One of the best tracks in the CD. It has a refreshingly unique sound to it. It's filled with the peaceful sounds of the outdoors with a subtle atmosphere of despair in her voice heard throughout the song. It's very playful but not overly layered like a lot of other remixes. A nice song to chill to. The second is "NEVER EVER 'Dub's Uncategorized Mix 001'". This is a very fast-paced, energetic remix of "NEVER EVER". It tottaly transforms the orignal into something else. Kudos to the remixers of these songs.

As for the good remixes of "Endless Sorrow" there are only two to be found. They are the "Endless sorrow "Natural Green Dub Mix'" and "Endless sorrow 'Brent Mini's gothic mix'". Both capture the despair found in the original and amplify it tenfold. They both have that gritty urban feel to them but are presented in defferent ways.

Unfortunately, the remaing remixes on the CD aren't as interesting. They're all not that bad but they're just regular remix tracks. The instrumental track is included in the end as usual. It's seems fine without vocals, it's actually quite interesting.

This single is among the best that Ayu has released. I'm still hoping for a single with at least 2 original songs. This CD is very much reccomended to all fans of good music.

Rating: 9.3

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