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A S o n g f o r X X

First Review by Akari

"A Song for XX" is one of my fave tracks, it's a great mix of upbeat and mellow music which entice the listener. A powerful song. What to say about "Hana"? It's a good song but just a bit to loud and squeaky. But hey its nice if you're really hyper. You can really hear the vocal inconsistencies in this song. "YOU" is one of the best songs in hte album. "Depend on You" is a clasic Ayumi ballad. It may be simple when compared to her newer songs but t can still hold its own.The squeekiness of her voice is what really annoyed me, but I think it's still a good song. One of the better tracks of the album. The composition of this song was really well done. "For my dear..." This song is great but it seems a bit too loud for a slow song and a bit too hard hitting.

This album may be the worst album ayumi has come out with. A far cry from the stuff she's releasing today. In spite of it's problems it shows her potential as a vocalist.

Rating: 8/10

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