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[UPDATE] - Article New article by Isaac Hiew: Ayumi's special concert and Musuem opens on the same day.

[LYRICS] - No Way To Stay Here are the lyrics to Ayu's newest song.

When the scar from long ago will become healed
The trembling, hidden heart will change into a smile
How many times the same me
Only knew how to
cowardly pretend?

The unspoken words are overflowing
They'll never become fine words
If I would never met you
I wouldn't have known this irritating pain

The unspoken feelings are overflowing
They'll never become fine words
If I would never met you
I wouldn't have to know this irritating pain

I feel the sure feelings now
They'll never become words
These words can't make everyone happy
Holding these emotions now... I still live

Mokusareta tooi mukashi no kizuato ga utsukidashite mata
Furueteru kokoro kakushite hohoemi ni suri kaeta
Ikutsu ni nattemo aikawarazu na watashi wa
Imademo okubyou de
Tsuyogaru koto bakari oboeteiku

Tsutaeta kotoba wa afureru no ni
Nee umaku kotoba ni naranai
Anata ni deaete inakereba konna
Modokashii itami sae mo shiranakatta ne

Tsutaeta omoi wa afureru no ni
Nee umaku kotoba ni naranai
Anata ni deaete inakereba konna
Modokashii itami sae mo shirazuni

Tashika na omoi wa kanjiru no ni
Nee itsumo kotoba ni dekinai
Daremo ga koushite kotoba ni naranai
Omoi o kakaenagara kyou mo ikiteiru

[UPCOMING RELEASE] No way to say - CDjapan has listed the release info for Ayu's 31st single. Rumours also state that Acoustic versions of Seasons, Voyage, and Dearest will be featured on the CD.

No way to say
Catalog No.: AVCD-30542
Number of discs (or other units): 1
Release Date: 2003/11/06
Price: 1200 Yen(US$ 11.04)

[NEW MATERIAL] Angle's Song - A preview of Ayumi's new song entitled "Angel Song" can be previewed along with the CM for Panasonic's new D-snap camera. Click here to view the clip. No word yet on whether the song will be featured on her upcming single.

[PHOTOS] A Museum Live - Photos from Ayumi's latest concert can be found here.

[UPDATE] - Reviews 1 new review for the forgivness single by woody elms.

[NEWS] Birthday - Ayu celebrated her 25th birthday on the 2nd of October. The ages of 25 and above are considered "old" in the j-pop biz.

[NEW RELEASE] RMX Works - The three new RMX works albums have been released on the 25th of September. On the Oricon charts ayu-ro-mix 3 ranked the highest with #9, ayu trance with #10, and ayu-mi-x 5 with #11.

[UPCMING RELEASE] New Single, No Way - On October 2nn, Ayu performed a new song on Music Station entitled "No Way to Stay". The song was composed by BOUNCEBACK and penned by Ayumi as usual. There is no confirmation whether the single will be released or if it is even a single. The live version can be heard at AHS.

[UPCOMING RELEASES] Fan Works, Ringtones, Lyrics - 3 new fanworks. 5 new ringtones (forgiveness, HANABI ~episode II~, Ourselves, theme of a-nation '03, and Greatful days). Forgiveness lyrics available, translated by masa.

[UPCOMING RELEASES] RMX Albums - The tracklistings and cover art for the three RMX works albums are now available.

RMX WORKS from SUPER EUROBEAT presents ayu-ro mix 3
1. independent (Europop extended mix)
2. WE WISH(Starlight Mix)
3. Dearest(Sentimental euroremix)
4. July 1st(A Eurobeat Mix)
5. Heartplace(Dreamland euromix)
6. Naturally(Human Mix)
7. HANABI(A Eurosenti Mix)
8. Daybreak(Eurospeedy Mix)
9. Real me(A Eurobeat Mix)
10. everywhere nowhere(Time Mix)
11. Free & Easy(Energy extended mix)
12. Voyage(Sweet Mix)
13-30 (ayu-ro SUPER MEGA-MIX)
13. Depend on you(EXTENDED POWER MIX)
14. Fly high(Euro Power Mix)
16. poker face(EXTENDED POWER MIX)
17. monochrome(ayu ro Extended Mix)
18. immature(Sweet Mix)
19. trauma(Eurobeat mix)
20. vogue(Traditional Mix)
21. M(Sweet Heart Mix)
22. UNITE!(Euro Power Mix)
23. Endless sorrow(A Agressive Mix)
24. Trust(A Eurobeat Mix)
25. Boys&Girls(A Eurobeat Mix)
26. appears(Agressive Extended Mix)
27. evolution(Time Is Pop Mix)
28. SURREAL(A Sentimental Mix)
29. End roll(ayu ro Extended Mix)
30. TO BE(Eurobeat Mix)

RMX WORKS ayu-mi-x 5 non-stop mega mix
1.Free & Easy(Huge Heavenly Mix)
3.everywhere nowhere(NEWDEAL REMIX)
4.WE WISH(Dub's Club Remix)
5.July 1st(Dub's FunFUn Remix)
6.Close to you(NEWDEAL REMIX)
7.Voyage(Dub's Old Style Basic Remix)
10.Over(Dub's Overload Remix)
11.everlasting dream(Rainbow Dew Drop Mix)
12.Heartplace(dj Remo'con Remix)
13.Dolls(Dub's Wax Figure Remix)
14.independent(SINGO VOX REMIX)
15.Voyage(83key's Eternal Remix)

RMX WORKS ayu trance 3
1. WE WISH "Ramon Zenker remix"
2. Real me "Megara vs DJ Lee remix"
3. Voyage "Dirt Devils remix"
4. everywhere nowhere "Norman Bass remix"
5. Naturally "Wippenberg remix"
6. July 1st "Flip & Fill remix"
7. Dolls "Future Breeze remix"
8. Heartplace "Lab-4 remix"
9. NEVER EVER "Decoy & DJ Bonka remix"
10. Endless sorrow " VooDoo & Serano remix"
11. Connected "Talla 2XLC remix"
12. HANABI "Lange remix"
13. independent "Cyber NATION remix

[INFO] Ayu Endorses New D-Snap Camera from Panasonic - Ayu participated in a press conference for new models of the D-Snap camera from Panasonic on September 11th in Tokyo. She will also appear in a new CM for the new D-Snap model. The D-snap camera is currently the world's thinnest multimedia digital camera. The 9.9mm SV-AS10 camera, a 2-megapixel camera which uses an SD memory card, also offers video recording, music playback, and voice recording functions. It comes in silver, blue, orange, white, green, Brown & lead. A streaming video of the press conference can be found here.

Links: nikkansports.com, daily.co.jp, yomiuri.co.jp, tosp.co.jp
Pics: 1, 2

[INFO] Ayu Fans in Toronto - For aynone living in Toronto, Canada or the surrounding areas, tune onto the radio on Tuesdays 10:00 to 11:00PM at 88.1 FM for the program called Full Moon. They play a selection of "the latest in New Japanese Grooves - from R&B & Hip Hop to House, Trance, J-Pop & Clubpop". Check out their site here.

[UPDATE] Articles - Two new articles. U Weekly interview regarding Ayu's forth album "I am..." and D-Nation's account of his visit to the a-nation '03 concert.

[UPCOMING RELEASES] Three Albums, One DVD, One Single - Rmx Works From Ayu-mi-x, Rmx Works From Cyber Trance Presents Ayu Trance, and Rmx Works From Super Eurobeat Presents Ayu-ro Mix is set to be released on Septemeber 25th. The DVD and photo collection of the a-nation '03 concert is reported for release on October 10th. More rumours of a new single which is titled "Take Away" is curculating around Ayu fan sites. There's already a tracklisting available.

Take Away
01- Take away
words:ayumi hamasaki
mixed by Yasuo Matsumoto
02- Ourselves "Soft Melodic Ver."
03- Take away "Dream I Dream mix"
04- Take away -instrumental-
bonus track-
05- Take away -extended orchestra instrumental-

[NEWS] A museum ~ 30th single collection live~ - In order to commemorate her 30th single release "forgiveness", Ayu is doing a series of special live shows called "A museum ~ 30th single collection live". They will all be held at Yoyogi National Stadium -- a ticket costs 6800 yen. Team Ayu members get priority in ticket reservations (we have until Sept. 9th, midnight). People who aren't members can start reserving their ticket September 28th, from 10:00 (via KYODO). Here are the dates and venues.

Thursday October 9th (doors open at 18:00, show starts at 19:00)
Saturday October 11th (doors open at 18:00, show starts at 19:00)
Sunday October 12th (doors open at 17:00, show starts at 18:00)
Monday October 13th (doors open at 17:00, show starts at 18:00)
Wednesday October 15th (doors open at 18:00, show starts at 19:00)

[NEWS] Filmed Concert Showing in Shanghai - On 24th of August, a showing of Ayu's video was held in Shanghai Movie City in Shanghai. Jointly organised by China Record (Shanghai) Company and Avex Group, the show attracted hundreds of fans, who got their ticket by purchasing Ayu's latest album "A Ballads". The show was warmly received by fans and they were very enthusiastic throughout the show. Some fans were touched during the ending of the video that they were in tears. According to a official from Avex Japan, the fans in China are as good as fans from Taiwan and Hong Kong. A contest was held during the show and original Ayu merchandize was given as prizes, which includes fans, posters of the new single "Forgiveness", towels and others.

[INFO] Inu Yasha on Cartoon Network - For those of you who receive the Cartoon Network channel, they are now airing episodes with Ayu's Dearest being used as the ending theme. Inu Yasha is being played on the network's Adult Swim lineup. Now you can brag to your friends how you know that song and who sang it.