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- Her first name was Kurumi but was changed to Ayumi at age 7.

- She did some modelling for a local Fukuoka bank at age 7.

- She grew up in a single parent home with her mom and grandmother.

- After secondary school she left Fukuoka and went to Tokyo for highschool. Her highschool is also home to some popular Japanese celebrities such as Kyoko Fukada, Ai Kato, and Matsu Takako.

- Ayu considers herself as "the slacker" type in her highschool days.

- At the age of 15, she got a chance to go to New York for bussiness.

- Ayumi dropped out of High School at age 16.

- At around the age of 16, Ayu has had several appearances on the TV show "Idol on Stage" singing covers of old hit songs like "Raspberry Dream", "Hold on Me", and "Roppongi Shinjyu".

- Ayu is a dog lover. She has 5 pet dogs, chihuahuas and a bulldog. Crea, Marron and Ringo are names of her pet dogs. She thinks Crea looks like her the most.

- Ayu uses the code name CREA when she composes music. "M" is the first song she has composed.

- Ayu was the first artist to have 4 CDs in the Oricon top 10 charts simultaneously. The CDs were ayu-mi-x II US+EU (#2), ayu-mi-x II Acoustic Orchestra (#3), ayu-mi-x II JPN (#6) and SUPER EUROBEAT present ayu-ro mix (#10)

- During her 2001 DOME TOUR concert, Ayu declined an interview with TIME magazine. They were prepared to do a cover feature but Ayu said she was too focused "on doing my concerts".

- In a magazine poll, she was voted "ideal girlfriend".

- Ayumi's single "H" was the only single to break the million units mark in the year 2002.

- She has won the Nail Queen Award three consecutive years in a row. From 1999 to 2002.

- She has won the Grand Prix at the "ALL JAPAN Request Awards" three consecutive years in a row. From 1999 to 2002. On 2003 she lost for the first time to rival Hikaru Utada.

- Ayumi shares the same birthday as Gandhi, October 2nd.

- Ayu ranked second in a 2002 poll as CM (TV commercials) Queen. First place came to veteran performer Kirin Kiki while actress Rena Tanaka came in third.

- In 2002, Ayu ranked #2 with Voyage and #8 with Hanabi as the most used ringtone in Japan

- In a 2002 survey for the most popular song sung in karaoke, Ayu ranked #7 with her song Dearest while Hitomi Shimatani ranked # 1 with Amairono kamino otome, a cover of an old song.

- In an interview with Rockin' In Japan Magazine, Ayu admitted to being scared of releasing her "A Best" greatest hits compilation since it may mark the end of her carreer.

- Taxpayer info released on 2003 ranks Ayumi Hamasaki the 37th highest taxpayer in Japan.

- Ayu was picked by Forbes Magazine as one of the most influential persons in Asia. She along with the Chinese group F4 were the only singers on the list.

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