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Full Name: Ayumi Hamasaki

Nickanmes: Ayu, CREA (pen name used for composing songs)

Birth date: October 2nd, 1978

Birthplace: Fukuoka, Japan

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Eastern Reckoning: Horse

Blood Type: A

Height: 156 cm ( 5' 1" )

Weight: 46kg (101 lbs)

Breast Size: 79 cm ( 31 inch )

Waist Size: 58 cm ( 23 inch )

Hip Size: 81 cm ( 32 inch )

Hobbies: Playing the piano, Flower arranging and Drawing

Favorite thing about herself: Everything

Least favorite characteristic: None

Favorite word: "Arigatou" (thanks)

Favorite pets: Crea, Ringo and Melon are her current dogs

Favorite actors: Nicholas Cage, Rie Miyazawa

Favorite movies: The Bodyguard, Betty Blue, Leaving Las Vegas

People she respects: People who have qualities she doesn't have

People she dislikes: Liars, people who don't greet, rude people

Idols: Hikaru Genji, Kyousuke Himuro

Favorite foods: Sweets, Biscuits, Cakes, Chocolates, Kimchi, Sliced Raw Liver

Disliked foods: Pig's trotters

Favorite books: Fashion magazines, modern language translations of
Manyo tanka poems, poems of Natsuo Giniro, Mitsuo Aida,

Learned skills: Piano, 5th level calligraphy, abacus, flower arrangement(ikebana), Kumonshiki study system, ballet

First CD: Rie Miyazawa's "Dream Rush"

Musical Influences: As a child I listened to rock music (Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple). Now I enjoy listening to black music liked Babyface and En Vogue.

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