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Ayu's First Interview

Now mature both as a vocalist and a person, Ayumi started writing lyrics as soon as she returned to Japan. Her style is to view her own and her friends' experiences objectively, and to write about them in her own honest words. In "poker face," she writes about strength within sorrow . . . (continue)

Ayumi's Total Album Sales Breaks 20 Million Mark

Japan's songstress Ayumi Hamasaki once again broke her own record of 14 million copies by adding the sum to 20, making her the best seller in the industry.

If we count the "Nothing from Nothing", her maiden album way before she joins Avex Trax . . . (continue)

Big - But Not Here

These foreign acts tear up the charts--on their home turf. But making it over there doesn't mean you can make it anywhere . . . (continue)

U Weekly Interview

2001 has been a very busy year for Ayu, not only did she release a compilation album of her greatest hits, she also toured the 4 major domes for her dome tour for the first time. Nevertheless, she has released her 4th album "I Am..." at the beginning of 2002. Besides writing the lyrics, Ayu has also participated in the production of the album. So how does Ayu feel about her new album, and what is she trying to express with it? This issue of U-Weekly brings you the answers . . . (continue)

My article on a-nation '03

he a-nation that I went to was at Osaka on August 16th (Saturday). I couldn't get to the concert earlier to get more pictures because I had to take a 3-hour train ride to Osaka. So anyway, after I arrived to Osaka I had to check-in in the hotel, etc to get things settle down before I go out. After that was done, I took the train and headed to a-nation!! Took the JR Line and switched to some other line and headed to the 'Cosmo square'. Got off the train, there were already some people trying to sell you tickets to the concert, kinda funny. Some of the staffs were also there at the station telling you to get the train tickets now because after the concert, the station will be flooded with people, which is impossible to get tickets at that time. Done tickets, went out and started to look for the 'Open Area Stadium'. On the way, I saw the Community Area across the street from the Stadium . . . (continue)

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