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Ayumi's special concert and Musuem opens on the same day

Currently the Japan's most sizzling songstress, Ayumi Hamasaki had already officially released her 30th single, "Forgiveness" on the end of the summer ever since she made her debut in the year 1998. And to mark on her efforts that has shaped current Japan's music industry, she does not only hold a concert but also plans to build her very own museum that took her fans into a time travelling frenzy for her achievements. Not only that, her latest 3-combo Trance remix release shall not going to make anyone disregard her presense on Japan!

If we really must count on how many did Ayumi released in her mere 5 years of being a singer in Japan, she alone has released 30 singles, 2 best collections, 5 albums, 16 trance remixs, 18 motion pictures (MV) which sums up a total of 86 items, which about 1 born nearly every month. And due to her latest works, she has already accumulated a frightening total of 83 billion Japanese yen in her own sales account!! Although it is really a massive sum, but she never did stop right where she reaches and instead continue to climb on her limits due to her high expectations of her own self.

Therefore, as to remember the day that she releases her 30th single, "Forgiveness", Ayumi Hamasaki shall be holding several concerts on Tokyo Arena on 9th, 11th, 12th, 13th, and 15th October, namely the "A Museum~30th single collection live~" special concert. This time, she will be performing all her past single feature tracks. Moreover, there will be a exhibition of her past music events as a recap. The tickets for the 5 live concerts sold out in an instant and to satisfy her fanatics, the authorities have decided that they will add another 3 performances on October 28th, 29th and 31st at Yokohama Arena. Hence there shall be another hot topic that will storm amonst the local fans.

ON the other hand, Ayumi's latest 3 combo release, "ayumi hamasaki RMX works"m which is her "best collection" of her previously released trance albums. One of them, the "Ayu-mi-x V" is the remix version of her 5th album, "RAINBOW". While the next we have here are the 13 groups of international music producers that were once dominated US and Europe's top trance sales ranking charts who will rock your ear drums with famous tracks in albums, "I am..." and "RAINBOW", newly combined as "Ayu Cyber Trance 3". Plus "Ayu-ro-mix 3" where co-produced by powerful band of Italian trance DJs. Not to mention that the "techno-feeling" cover for the upcoming album. 3 gorgious tech-feel styles which fits the coming Autumn/Winter season trend, shall capture every fan's mind and soul.

Translated by Isaac Hiew (AHS)
Original Article from mtvchinese.com
(October 9th 2003)

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