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My article on a-nation '03

The a-nation that I went to was at Osaka on August 16th (Saturday). I couldn't get to the concert earlier to get more pictures because I had to take a 3-hour train ride to Osaka. So anyway, after I arrived to Osaka I had to check-in in the hotel, etc to get things settle down before I go out. After that was done, I took the train and headed to a-nation!! Took the JR Line and switched to some other line and headed to the 'Cosmo square'. Got off the train, there were already some people trying to sell you tickets to the concert, kinda funny. Some of the staffs were also there at the station telling you to get the train tickets now because after the concert, the station will be flooded with people, which is impossible to get tickets at that time. Done tickets, went out and started to look for the 'Open Area Stadium'. On the way, I saw the Community Area across the street from the Stadium. I didn't have time to check it out because if I did, I wouldn't have the time to line up and buy things in the stadium. Got my tickets and headed to the entrance, then I saw a sign with a picture showing no camera's etc. My camera was hanging around my neck and the staff told me to put it away. So I just shoved it in my backpack, problem solved. Got into the stadium, you were given a bag with a-nation information in it, like a catalog showing what merchandises they are selling. There were booths selling specific items for specific artists, for example, a booth just for Ayumi Hamasaki¡¯s a-nation items. Then there were booths selling CDs, a-nation magazine + DVD, and then ICE BOX. ICE BOX, they sold food, at least that¡¯s what I think, its just some small frozen ice cubes but it¡¯s a lemon flavored ice. You¡¯ll probably don¡¯t understand me, oh well. When I was lining up to get stuff, there were 2 artist sing, and I only remember one of them¡_ It was Road of Major singing ƒW¤é¤À¤±¤Î¸è. The other artist was a girl, but I didn¡¯t know her and I kinda forgot her face as well. After they finished their little live song, the gigantic screen started to show PV¡¯s from the artists attending a-nation. I checked the time, almost time for the concert and headed to my ¡®standing¡¯ area. My ¡®Standing¡¯ area was in the B-2 Section, pretty close to the stage, at least I can actually see where Ayumi is. Beside the stage, there are too 2 huge screen showing you a close view of the artist while they are performing. Waiting for the concert to start, they show a brief history about a-nation. Last year, 250 000 people attended the concert. This year?? I have no clue. After the brief history video we watched, then it show various short clips from ¡®day after tomorrow¡¯ and then the ¡®day after tomorrow¡¯ word pop out. Then you see the group coming out from the backstage, and the clapping starts. Misono sang Faraway, and Day Star. Misono walked around the stage to the far left and far right, where the screens are located waving to fans, etc. I think misono gained weight, before I don¡¯t think she¡¯s fat, but now she¡¯s kinda fat compare to before¡_ haha. After they¡¯ve done performing, they left the stage. Screen started to show clips from PV¡¯s again, and then it was Dream. When they got on the stage, fireworks shoot out, it scared the hell out of everybody because it was really loud, probably because we were close to the stage. Anyway, since I¡¯m not a hardcore fan of Dream, so I have no clue of what song they sang. But I do remember one of their songs, and it was I Love World, something like that. I remember it because inside the a-nation bag, there was their lyric because the purpose of the song was to sing with the audience, unfortunately I hardly heard or seen and audience sang with them. Finished singing, left the stage, another PV clips. This time, it¡¯s EXILE. When they got on the stage, girls screaming like crazy, the 2 groups from before: day after tomorrow and Dream, was awfully quite. So anyway, I don¡¯t know Exile¡¯s song, so I forgot about them as well. (Yes, I don¡¯t even know why I was in Japan O_o). Wooo, that was fast, performance finish, get off stage, done. I think you get the idea, performance done, get lost, show PV, sing, performance done, get lost and it goes on. After Exile left, here comes BoA, she dyed her hair like one in the Amazing Kiss PV, very blonde color. She sang plenty of songs, Shine We Are, Jewel Song, Valenti, Milky Way, and I believe there¡¯s one more. Valenti was cool, there was fireballs shooting out, and she did some promotion about her next new CD and said something about rejecting an invitation to a Korean thingy just to go to a-nation. The audience was kinda cold, she said something and was expecting an answer from the audience, and then the audience just kept quite. She said a couple times of ¡®ne!?¡¯ and we¡¯re still kinda quiet, kinda harsh for BoA. So anyway, performance done, get lost, show PV. In the PV, it showed some clips from FFX-2, right away, you know it is Koda Kumi. Then you hear ¡®What can I do for you?¡¯ a couple of times and then she comes out. Audience, a little bit more ¡®into¡¯ the concert, probably because either they only like the game (lol jk) or if you haven¡¯t found out the pattern already, the artists are getting better and better, one after and another. Getting back on topic, the ¡®What can I do for you?¡¯ song is called Real Emotions. Then she sang 1000¤ÎÑÔÈ~ where she took off her jacket and fans start to yell probably because she was showing lots of skin =P and then Love Across the Ocean. She also some other song and I don¡¯t know the name of that. (my bad) While she was singing 1000¤ÎÑÔÈ~ it started to rain, kinda ruins the fun but then again its quite good because that day it was hot and some rain to cool was good after all . Then she left the stage; the PVs start to roll again. In the PV, you see a bride singing and this guy in a tuxedo playing guitar, right off the bat, you know it is Do As Infinity. It was getting dark when it was their turn to sing, so u actually see the lights ¡®effect¡¯. They sang Would You Marry Me, ?¤Î¤¢¤¿¤ëÛàµÀ, ð?Õߤ¿¤Áand a solo song sang by the guitar guy, cool and funny guy. Tomiko Van had a new hairstyle, short hair O_o¡_ I like it when she has long hair like the one the ħ·¨¤ÎÑÔÈ~¡«Would you marry me?¡« single cover. After they finished, another PV showed, and then you a familiar voice, and it was Every Little Thing. Many people started to scream and yell, calling her name, etc. At that time, the sky was completely black; it was time for the glow sticks, fans with lights on or anything to wave around. I didn¡¯t know the name of their song but you can be sure they sang new songs because everybody did. She also sang some old songs, I know it but I just don¡¯t know the name of it. After they were done, same routine, show PV again. I thought it was going to be Ayumi cause I wasn¡¯t expecting anyone else, but then PV was mostly text, which I didn¡¯t understand it. And then a 3-letter name popped out¡_ TRF¡_ everyone started to go nuts when they saw Yuri came out. They sang a few songs but the only 1 that I know, was Survival Dance because I remember watching a video of it from last year¡¯s a-nation. But this time, only the TRF group were up there, no other artists join them to sing + dance. When they left the stage, there was only one artist left, and it was Ayu. Always save the best for the last. I¡¯m not gonna type anything for Ayu, you¡¯ll have to listen to it and enjoy them.

Best Song:
1. Survival Dance - TRF
2. Real Emotions - Koda Kumi
3. Ourselves - Ayumi Hamasaki

So anyway, after when Ayu left the stage, it was time to enjoy some cheap fireworks. In my opinion, they should get better fireworks, the fireworks wasn¡¯t that great. Hehe, anyway, 6 hours of standing is extremely painful (5pm ¨C 11pm). The concert actually ended at 10, but then had to get people out the streets and set up a route first before letting us out. After when they are ready, time to leave, on the way to the exit passing some booths, there was the CD stand, then you see Dream promoting their new CD. They were like working at booth just to help their own sells, I could of just bought one of their CD and ask for an autograph, but I was too poor at that time to buy any more things¡_ Finally got out the stadium, the route took us through the community area where other booths are located, and live stage but the live was before the a-nation concert so I didn¡¯t get a chance to see it. There was an ayupan shop there, but I didn¡¯t get any, don¡¯t really like them after getting 2 of them from the ¡®real¡¯ ayupan shop once. At the community area, I picked up 2 Puma shirts just to remember that I¡¯ve been to a-nation, blah blah blah. Then on the way back to the station, there were all these mini-vans parked but the sidewalk. They were all customized, changed the car body, new painting, etc, Street Car is another name for it. These ¡®Street Cars¡¯ was all about Ayu, you can see Ayu¡¯s pic on car¡¯s back, her name on the side, the famous A, etc. The vans were opened; there were TV¡¯s and huge speakers inside showing her PV¡¯s. There were at least 5 of those cars. Then you see the ¡®members¡¯ of the car wearing T-Shirts with a big A in the middle and then a small & bottom right of the A and then below that, it said Team Ayu. Couldn¡¯t get any pics, it was pitch back, you¡¯ll only see the neon lights below the car and lights from the TV¡_ That was my trip to a-nation ¡¯03 @ Osaka¡.

Written by D-Nation (AHS)
(September 4th 2003)

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