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A y u m i ' s T o t a l A l b u m S a l e s B r e a k 2 0 M i l l i o n M a r k Ayumi's Total Album Sales Breaks 20 Million Mark

Japan's songstress Ayumi Hamasaki once again broke her own record of 14 million copies by adding the sum to 20, making her the best seller in the industry.

If we count the "Nothing from Nothing", her maiden album way before she joins Avex Trax, Ayumi has already released 19 albums in total. That is 5 Original Albums, 1 Compilation, 13 Remix Albums; as for the singles, Ayumi had now released 41 so far (28 original singles, 2 Remix Singles, 8 Re-Releases, plus 1 Charity single feat. KEIKO). Which what we have now is a overwhelming total of 60 releasements.

Such achivements were said to be the one and only in the Japan, or even in the world. (Is this what they say as Never Ever?)

Here's some recap for Ayumi's Achievements:
1998 : 5 Singles (510,000 copies sold)
1999 : 7 Singles (4.41 million), 3 Albums (4.44 million)
2000 : 8 singles (4.98 million), 6 Albums (4.65 million)
2001 : 17 singles (4.61 million), 5 Albums (5.52 Million)
2002 : Due to the changes of Avex's Marketing Strategy, Ayumi had only released merely 4 singles (2.57 Million) and 5 Albums (4.86 million)

Ayumi's Best Selling Singles & Albums

Singles :
"A" (1.63 Million)
"Seasons" (1.37 Million)
"M" (1.32 Million)

Albums :
A BEST (4.3 Million)
Duty (2.9 Million)
LOVEppears (2.6 Million)

By the way, Ayumi's rival Utada Hikaru also scored 15 miilion of sales worldwide! Keep it up Ayumi!

Translated by Isaac Hiew
Original article by UNITE! (Ayucn Member)
Credit owned by and given to Ayucn and the original poster
(March 7th 2003)

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