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Ayu's First Interview

Now mature both as a vocalist and a person, Ayumi started writing lyrics as soon as she returned to Japan. Her style is to view her own and her friends' experiences objectively, and to write about them in her own honest words. In "poker face," she writes about strength within sorrow.

"At first, the song was about a weaker girl," Ayumi remembers. "But you can cry anytime, and I wanted to smile at those sad, lonely moments. I rewrote the lyrics over and over, and finally finished the song the day before the vocal recording."

Starting with this debut single, Ayumi has written all the lyrics of the songs she releases. The lyrics won't include fake thoughts or even flights of imagination. As Ayumi says, "I don't want to lose myself or lie to myself. I don't feel much stress about being myself. It's not difficult for me. It's just being natural. Being true to yourself isn't something you strive for."

The music on "poker face" is produced by Yasuhiko Hoshino (composition) and Akimitsu Honma (arrangement). The track is done in a pop style that captures the essence of the 80s sound. Its melody blends seamlessly with the world described in Ayumi's lyrics, and sweetly embraces her lonesome touching voice. "When I received the song's tape, I thought 'What a difficult song!' When I made a trial recording with the first lyrics (before rewriting), I hated it. But with the current lyrics, I could feel the song at once... and could sing it better than any other song I had tried. My voice came out naturally and the song became so much mine that I forgot I'd thought it was difficult."

Brilliant vocal technique perfecting difficult songs. Talented lyrics of honest feeling. Ayumi's rise has just begun. Look for her to soon make a name for herself as a top artist.

Written by Kazuki Okabe

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