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Sorry folks, the fourth and final year of HS has been getting busier and busier. The Xmas holidays have been my only chance to rest up. I could have updated the site throughout the last couple of months many times but ever since school has started all my creative energies and my ideas have gone towads the creation of the school yearbook (I'm the editor if you're wondering). So no, it is not a time concern it's simply that I've lost the drive to update the site. Also, With University next year I cannot be truly certain about the future of this site. If this is to be one of the final updates I would like to thank the many visitors that have been to the site. It was you that truly fuelled me to further improve and update the site. These 4 years have been great! Happy new year to everyone.

(PS: As for Ayumi, I am still a fan of hers. But just for the record, i thought 2003 was a horrible year for her musically. Still, i have hope since afterall she is everchanging.)

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